Are You A Stress Case? 5 Steps For More Peace

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This article originally appeared on The Teen Mentor web site. Check it out here:   Do you ever feel completely stressed out? Anxious? Tense and freaked out and ready for it all to collapse/explode/implode/come crashing down? You’re not alone. Things can go wrong in life. Absolutely. But the area of our brain that tells us the world is on fire …

Are You Good At Getting In Your Own Way?

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Check out my latest article on, a site with advice for teens from thinkers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and people who care. Are You Good At Getting In Your Own Way? “If everyone would just get out of my way I could live the life I want!” Have you ever thought of that? How about: “Why are people blocking my path? …

The Power Of Letting Go

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What if we stopped trying to grip and grasp at our lives and allowed for flow? What if we dropped control — over ourselves, others, situations — and relaxed into being? For a breath…a moment…a minute? Here’s my latest article in the We Are Spirit column in Nos Sumus Magazine, issue 1.2. Enjoy!  

My Interview for Spiritual Bad-Ass TV

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Spiritual author and speaker, Debbianne De Rose, interviews me for Spiritual Bad Ass TV. It’s fun to be a bad-ass!   My Big Fat Appendectomy (why it was a blessing disguised as a pain in the gut) and other fun stories from the divine Sarah Taylor

The Myth And Mind-F*ck Of Purpose

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I’m honored to have written an article in the premiere issue of Nos Sumus Magazine. In it, I talk about how thinking we need to “find our purpose” can really screw with our minds. Check it out (link below) and let me know what you think! xo Nos Sumus Issue 1.1 (May-June 2016): The Self-Care Issue    

Young Actresses Take Heart

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Young women, take note.  June Squibb is an overnight sensation at 84.  Meaning: after years and years of acting work on stage, TV and in film, she has been acknowledged with an Oscar nomination for her work in Alexander Payne’s film Nebraska. This makes me smile.  It gives me hope.  And it reminds me that things like the announcement of …